Wednesday, November 08, 2006



The following haiku and limericks on the topic of shame and anger were contributed by my friend John Kavanaugh, after reading a late draft of the book.
Thanks, John. Your sense of humor obliterates shame and anger quite effectively.

The hot red flush comes,
Shame will shiver your timbers,
Bring you to your knees.

So take a deep breath,
Gather your wits about you
Do not hide your face.

When your brain stem prepares you to fight,
It is time to step back from your plight.
Just suspend your reflex
and engage your cortex
And I trust things will come out all right.

When you're anger has led to contempt,
And your kindness has got up and went,
It is time to reflect,
resurrect self-respect
Wounds of anger and shame to preempt.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Welcome to the Shame and Anger blog

This blog is intended as a site for ongoing dialogue for readers of Shame and Anger: The Criticism Connection, a book about the powerful primary emotions of shame and anger and how they dominate our reactions to criticism. Readers of the book or this blog are invited to send their personal examples, reactions, and stories about experiences of criticism or shame and anger to The author, Brock Hansen, LCSW, will choose those that contribute helpfully to the topic and post them on this site. Shame and Anger: The Criticism Connection is available in both ebook and paperback versions at and and will soon be available in  Kindle and Ibook versions.